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Ep. 38 Hipstacorn and Space Bourbon

On this episode of Screams and Moans I’m joined by Tony and Bryan from Salty Language Podcast. They went back in time and I finally watched for the first time, Blade Runner (1982.) We discuss the film, happy endings, hipster trends, and random Blade Runner trivia. In the sexy second half, we discuss our ideas for porn productions and titles.

Thanks to everyone for listening and enjoy the show! This one goes a bit longer than usual but that’s to be expected when you’re having fun.

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Ep. 35 A New Taste Sensation

We get a bit weird on this episode of Screams and Moans when my guest, Ian, and I cover the Peter Jackson film, Bad Taste (1987.) This was another guest request and I’m happy it was chosen, as I believe it shows that we all start somewhere with a little creativity and we even end the movie bit with a motivational message from Ian. There were lots of laughs and a lot of movie covered, so enjoy! It was nice to have Ian back on the show after nearly 1.5 years!

The second half introduces a new character, Mistress Agnes, to the show and I’m hoping to she makes a return visit. I’d like to thank Ian Davis and MistressLisa for their voice work on this skit.

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Ep. 30 Russian Roulette

This episode I’m joined by Charlie from Strange Times and The Gaffa Tapes podcast. We go for that retro feel with the low budget movie, Manborg (2011) and discuss our favorite characters throughout the film. Then who doesn’t like a bit of self-pleasure as we dig into the second half of the show and talk about masturbation. We do not advocate any of the behavior discussed in this episode, particularly when it comes to the russian roulette of sex toys.

Next episode, I have the guys from the Salty Language podcast and we want to know, if you had to describe your sex life in a movie title, what would it be? Feel free to connect with the show or comment with your answers here or through any of the social media links below. As always, thanks for contributing and helping add to the show! If you’re enjoy it, please be sure to rate the show as 5-stars on iTunes and maybe even write a short but sweet review, thanks!

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Ep 26 One Year: Not Your Usual Awards

Thanks for joining me in the celebration of the one year anniversary episode of the Screams and Moans Podcast! I can’t thank everyone who has been a  guest, participated by sending in listener answers or listened to these episodes enough. The format for this episode is one of an awards show, but of the unconventional variety. Would we really want it any other way?

So sit back and enjoy! Next episode should be Screams and Moans bestest Christmas show ever!


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Ep. 23 Tree Frogger

Bonn from the Bonn and Obo show and I are thoroughly confused on this episode of the Screams and Moans podcast where we cover the 2004 low-budget time travel film, Primer. After covering the basic premise of the film, we debate a few of the different events in the film and when they actually occur. In case you’ve seen the film and you’re still wondering what the F happened, here is a quite detailed chart put together by fans to explain their theory of what actually happened in the film.  If you haven’t seen the film, watch it and you’ll know what we mean. In the second half of the show, we talk about our and your favorite positions. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the show!

For the next guest episode, I want to hear about the sexual myths you’ve heard or believe? You can submit your written or recorded answers to the show via email. In between that episode and this one will be a special Halloween episode of Screams and Moans due out next weekend!

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Ep. 17 PG Boobies

Things got a bit cult this episode on Screams and Moans when Jason Ginger from Seven Days a Geek and Podcasting 101 and I discuss the film classic, Barbarella, rated PG. There’s a bit of sci-fi and a fair bit of fantasy all mixed in with this film. After the film part, we move on to our and others opinions on which is better foreplay or sex? Tune in and find out!

Next episode I have Mike from the War Machine vs. War Horse podcast and we’ll be discussing Antichrist and looking forward to hearing the listener answers to the question, how did you learn about sex and/or did you have any early (perhaps funny) misconceptions about what sex actually was? Email those written or recorded answers to the show here. Your answers can remain anonymous, just let me know! As always you can connect to the show on:

Twitter: @screamsandmoans

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/screamsandmoans

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Ep. 4 Utopian Fantasies

This episode of Screams and Moans gets a bit political which was expected from my guest, the Machine, from the Friday After Work podcast. We discuss the movie Elysium and the social and political themes that permeate the film, such as access to healthcare, resources, and class division. Some of our numerous diversions include a short lesson on South African geography and a bit about my Minnesotan accent. After finishing up the movie, it was time to talk about the listeners’ and our thoughts about this episode’s question about fetishes.

Next episode, I plan to have Mr. Davian Dent from The Bitter Sound and Strange Times podcasts. We’ll discuss a movie and responses to the question, What do you find sexy? In other words, what is it about a person that you find attractive? I look forward to your responses, which can be audio or written and emailed to the show here. All episodes are available on Stitcher and iTunes. Thanks for listening and if you like it, be sure tell your friends!!

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