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Ep. 25 Mythical DP of Podcasting

In this episode, Ed Wallick from Don’t Quit Your Daycast and I go long, have a lot of laughs, and bring this podcast a bit more into the political, ranty realm. We go a bit low-budget renaissance with KnightRiders (1981) by George Romero. Nothing says renaissance like a bunch of motorcycles and hippies. Ed calls this episode a bit tantric, and we go on to discuss related sexual myths and urban legends. Thanks to Ed and everyone who contributed to the show.

The next episode will be my one year anniversary episode and as such, I’m asking for listeners to let me know what some of your favorite guests, moments and shows were from the past year. Written or recorded (are lovely) answers for the show are greatly appreciated and I’m looking forward to what things you most remember from this crazy year of movies and adult-themed discussions with guests and listeners. As always, you can email these and any other feedback to the show here. We also welcome your iTunes reviews and thumbs up on Stitcher! Thanks for listening and looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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