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Ep. 34 Violent Sexts

If you’re a huge Rob Zombie fan, down to the little details, this episode of Screams and Moans podcast may be a bit frustrating for you. However, rest assured both my guest, Stu, from Cave Crew Radio, and I appreciate his creative work which is evident when we discuss his movie, The Devil’s Rejects, we’re just not so great on the details. After all that violence, we were ready to have a bit more fun and get into a discussion of sexting, along with reading our listener answers.

It’s announced that there won’t be an episode for August, but that will give me some time to prepare for the slightly new format coming out in September. So I’m looking for short stories, skits, poetry of a horror, sci-fi or sexual (or all 3) variety, credit will be given, so if you’ve got something for the show let me know! As always thanks for listening and your support!

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Ep. 31 Salty Creeper

Things get a bit dirty when Bryan and Tony from the Salty Language Podcast join me on this episode of Screams and Moans. We all really enjoyed watching Ghidorah, the Three Headed Monster and getting our monster porn on, of which there is none by the way. Once we were warmed up, we moved on to the second half and talked about our and listener answers to how we would describe our sex lives with the title of a movie. Please pardon the audio quality on this one, as the levels were a bit off during parts of the show for some reason this time but the content is still what you’ve come to expect of the show!

Next episode, I’m looking for what you would call your “signature move” when it comes to the bedroom. As always you can contact the show on Facebook, Twitter or via email with your answers. Thanks for listening and we’ll be back in about a month!

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Ep. 30 Russian Roulette

This episode I’m joined by Charlie from Strange Times and The Gaffa Tapes podcast. We go for that retro feel with the low budget movie, Manborg (2011) and discuss our favorite characters throughout the film. Then who doesn’t like a bit of self-pleasure as we dig into the second half of the show and talk about masturbation. We do not advocate any of the behavior discussed in this episode, particularly when it comes to the russian roulette of sex toys.

Next episode, I have the guys from the Salty Language podcast and we want to know, if you had to describe your sex life in a movie title, what would it be? Feel free to connect with the show or comment with your answers here or through any of the social media links below. As always, thanks for contributing and helping add to the show! If you’re enjoy it, please be sure to rate the show as 5-stars on iTunes and maybe even write a short but sweet review, thanks!

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Ep. 29 What Catapult?

On this episode of the Screams and Moans podcast, my guest and first time podcaster, Dave and I dig in to the 1927 film, Metropolis. There’s lots to be said about one of the first sci-fi films ever made, and both Dave and I have our opinions on the movie and how to pronounce various German names of characters. Since this is a podcast of two parts, we move on to discuss food porn and not those pics that you post to Instagram, though some of you might! As always thanks to those who contributed to the show!

For the next episode with Charlie from Strange Times, we want to know, how much masturbation is too much masturbation? You can email your answers to the show here or connect with us on Twitter or the Screams and Moans Facebook page.

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Ep. 28 Ladies Night

It’s Ladies Night, or at least it feels like it on the latest episode of Screams and Moans. My guest this episode is Davian Dent from the Strange Times show and The Blank Planet. We talk all about the 2004 movie, Creep, set in the tunnels under London. After ensuring I make sure to never miss the last train, we move on the second half in which we cover our early dating mishaps and the end results. Thanks for listening!

Next episode, we’ll be talking about the movie, Metropolis and I want to hear about your experiences with food turned porn. As always, you can submit your answers to the show on our FB or Twitter accounts, along with emailing the show here.

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Ep. 27 Christmas Potcakes

On this, the second annual Screams and Moans Christmas special, I have my very special guest, Nigel Boydell, from Uncle Arthur’s Bollocks. We’re talking about Christmas traditions and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Along the way, there are clips from various listeners, friends and previous guests. So sit back, have a listen, and don’t take it too seriously as Christmas is supposed to be full of fun!

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Ep. 23 Tree Frogger

Bonn from the Bonn and Obo show and I are thoroughly confused on this episode of the Screams and Moans podcast where we cover the 2004 low-budget time travel film, Primer. After covering the basic premise of the film, we debate a few of the different events in the film and when they actually occur. In case you’ve seen the film and you’re still wondering what the F happened, here is a quite detailed chart put together by fans to explain their theory of what actually happened in the film.  If you haven’t seen the film, watch it and you’ll know what we mean. In the second half of the show, we talk about our and your favorite positions. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the show!

For the next guest episode, I want to hear about the sexual myths you’ve heard or believe? You can submit your written or recorded answers to the show via email. In between that episode and this one will be a special Halloween episode of Screams and Moans due out next weekend!

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Ep. 22 Purple Matters

We cover one of my favorite low-budget films, Ink (2009), in this episode of Screams and Moans with my guests Dan and Ant from the Pile of Shame PC Podcast. Parallel worlds, chaos theory and the constant struggles between good and evil collide in this film by Jamin Winans. The dark theme is carried into the second half of the show when we discuss, if you had to die a sex-related death, what would it be? Find out our answers and those of our listeners! Thanks to everyone who contributed to the show!

The trailer to Ink can be found here.

Next episode we’ll be covering the movie, Primer, and I want to know about your favorite position? Don’t forget to connect with the show on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates! Plus check out our new Amazon Affiliate link on the website!

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Ep. 21 Roleplaying Thing

On this episode of Screams and Moans, Belasco from SweetFeatheryJesus and I really use our imagination to get into some interesting and geeky roleplaying scenarios throughout the show. However, it can’t all be about sex, so first we had a chat and asked a few questions about John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982.) After a thorough discussion of the film, we finally get back to discussing lots of options for roleplaying and quite a few of our listener answers on the topic. For those of you interested in the film analysis Belasco describes regarding whether Childs was infected, you can find Part One here.

I always am excited to hear what my listeners have to say and thanks for those who helped contribute to the show! Next episode, I’ll be covering Ink (2009) with the guys from the Pile of Shame PC Podcast and I want to know, if you had to die a sex-related death, how would you choose to go? Let’s get creative and email your written or recorded responses to the show. Check out the new social media tabs on the website to share the show with friends or connect with the show on Facebook and Twitter.

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Ep. 19 What’s a Quickie?

For this episode of the Screams and Moans podcast, Wifex and I covered the classic film, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956.) There was a mutual appreciation of the film and the techniques used to increase the overall feeling of anxiety and suspense throughout the film. While B&W films were not something Wifex is used to, it sounds like we’ve both heard our fair share of pick up lines and received a few sexy texts, as we discussed in the second half of the show. Lots of laughs were had and it sounds like there may also be future collaborative opportunities between us. Thanks again to all the listeners who have submitted their responses to show!!

As always you can follow and contact the show on:

Twitter: @screamsandmoans

Facebook: www.facebook.com/screamsandmoans

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