Monthly Archives: September 2014

Ep. 21 Roleplaying Thing

On this episode of Screams and Moans, Belasco from SweetFeatheryJesus and I really use our imagination to get into some interesting and geeky roleplaying scenarios throughout the show. However, it can’t all be about sex, so first we had a chat and asked a few questions about John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982.) After a thorough discussion of the film, we finally get back to discussing lots of options for roleplaying and quite a few of our listener answers on the topic. For those of you interested in the film analysis Belasco describes regarding whether Childs was infected, you can find Part One here.

I always am excited to hear what my listeners have to say and thanks for those who helped contribute to the show! Next episode, I’ll be covering Ink (2009) with the guys from the Pile of Shame PC Podcast and I want to know, if you had to die a sex-related death, how would you choose to go? Let’s get creative and email your written or recorded responses to the show. Check out the new social media tabs on the website to share the show with friends or connect with the show on Facebook and Twitter.

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