Ep. 16 Well Lubed

Well hello! On this episode, I get a little crazy with Wasus Miller from Thought Hour After Dark. He takes a break from his podcasting break to discuss the movie Bad Milo with me. This movie is full of a lot of crap, quite literally, and a commentary on why you should find constructive ways to deal with the stress in your life. After our discussion of the film, we debate whether we would rather be watched or watch another couple as they get it on? So who won? Check out this episode to find out!!

Next episode, I’m asking whether you prefer foreplay or sex, and why? Email your written or recorded answers to the show at: screamsandmoans@gmail.com. Thanks for listening and I look forward to hearing your answers! You can also connect with the show on the following social media sites:

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  1. Wacky alternative radio with a cooking segment (with pictures) and listener interactivity, the more lubricious and lascivious the better, obviously. Just a suggestion

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