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Ep. 11 Keep Your Headphones On

Well, Nigel Boydell from HMS CodCast and the Uncle Arthur Podcast Collection is back at it again on this week’s episode of Screams and Moans. We’re covering one of my favorite movies, Pontypool, and we talk about which characters we admire, human nature, and the unique charm of this non-traditional zombie movie. Since the first half of the show was all about language, what better way to end the show than with some dirty limericks and Dr. Seuss-style stories.

Next episode, I want to hear all about your filthy dreams (weird, unexpected, hot.) Your responses can be emailed to the show here . As always, if you’re enjoying the show please giveĀ  us a thumbs up on Stitcher or a 5-star rating and review on iTunes. Want to follow or contact the show? You can do so on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks for listening!

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Ep. 10 Testie Telepathy

Instagram, Snapchat, and paintings, oh my! On this episode of Screams and Moans, Tony from the Salty Language Pod and I take on the 2005 remake of John Carpenter’s The Fog. We also cover lots of pop culture and comparisons between the two films. Once we wrapped up The Fog, we move on to more murky waters and discussed our and the listeners’ early experiences. As always, thanks to everyone who contributed to this show!

Next episode, I have Nigel Boydell from the Uncle Arthur Podcast Collection back on to cover a regular episode and Dr. Seuss-style adult poetry and limericks. If you have one to share with the show, send it in to: screamsandmoans. If you like what you hear, please let me know and share it with a friend! You can also follow the show at:


Twitter: @screamsandmoans

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